Jimmy Carter, the Founding Father?

Former President Jimmy Carter is planning to meet with the leader of Hamas next week during his nine-day tour of the middle east.  The State Department has advised him against such a meeting. Why would the State Department think Jimmy Carter, the founding father of the global terrorist movement that sparked our Global War on Terrorism, would listen to them?

According to the US State Department, Hamas is funded by Iran. Hamas can’t do what it does without funding. Iran wouldn’t fund Hamas if it wasn’t for Jimmy Carter’s policies during his long four-years as our leader.

Most Americans have either forgotten or never knew that Iran used to be one of our most dependable allies. Shah Mohammand Reza Pahlavi was praised by US Presidents Johnson, Nixon, and Ford. They trusted him with just about any technology and weapons we had, short of nuclear weapons. In spite of the sweeping reforms in the economic and social arena of Iran, there were still dark forces working against him.

With Soviet-sponsored Socialists, known as “Communists” scratching at the door of freedom while fledgling Islamic Fascism lurked in the shadows, our very own Jimmy Carter decided to wage a political war against the Shah’s human rights record.

The Shah was guilty of using military tribunals to jail about 3000 Communists, Islamic Fascists, and terrorists. Some of those prisoners were reported to have been tortured. Jimmy Carter referred to them as political prisoners and insisted the Shah release them and use civil courts to try them. The subsequent “civil” trials turned into soap-boxes for the prophets of evil to turn the masses against what Carter had called, “an island of stability in a trouble region.”

To make matters worse, Carter insisted that the Shah allow his people to have freedom of assembly, which resulted in propagating the seed of terrorism. The liberal-media broadcasted the anti-Shah rallies to the globe, and brought Ayatollah Khomeini, living in obscure exile, to celebrity status with the Iranian people. The PLO supplied weapons and terrorism experts to Khomeini’s legions to bloody the streets with their free-assemblies. The Shah initially used an iron fist of excessive military force to disperse the violent masses. Eventually the military switched allegiance, and the Shah fled to the United States, dying of cancer, while another cancer consumed the people of the one-time great ally of the United States. The once stable island was sunk.

What happened to the Shah’s prisoners? Khomeini freed the few he wanted, but the rest were murdered along with tens of thousands of westernized Iranians.

Freedom was set-back decades, while death and suffering flourished. Anything considered to be a freedom by Westerners was removed from the Iranian people. Minor infractions of the new Fascist regime was answered with arrests, tortures, or executions. The Soviets took advantage of the chaos and invaded Afghanistan. Carter responded with a boycott of the 1980 Olympics, which only punished American athletes.

Jimmy Carter said Khomeini was a “holy man” and he used ineffectual words through showy teeth to no avail. Most Americans have heard of the 444 days that the Americans from the US embassy were illegally held hostage by the Iranian government. The same day of President Reagan’s inauguration, the Iranians agreed to release the hostages. President Reagan allowed Jimmy Carter to make the announcement to the American public, possibly to help Jimmy Carter with his stained legacy.

By the way, Carter also failed miserably with the Cold War. Millions across Africa and even Central America were rolled into the Communists’ murderous leftist system. Thus, by the time Carter was leaving office, the West was losing the Cold War, Islamic Fascism controlled sovereign nations, and the US economy was failing in the face of double digit inflation. Thank you, Jimmy, and goodbye.

Since the Islamic Fascists don’t have nuclear weapons, or a first class military to fight us with, they chose terrorist attacks as the weapon of choice to kill us. Some say enough has been said about 9/11, but I wonder if we could ever say enough about that. Out of politeness, the US usually says very little about Jimmy Carter failures, but he keeps talking.

Despite the lessons about evil that Jimmy Carter should have learned from his failed presidency, he continues to excrete some outlandish opinions.

For instance, in 2004 during an interview on MSNBC, Jimmy Carter tried to explain that all wars are bad. He said the Revolutionary War was an unnecessary war. Imagine that!

The establishment of the United States was the single most pivotal event towards human liberty since the resurrection of Christ, yet Jimmy Carter believes that a nation founded on the principles of our Declaration of Independence and then our Constitution was unnecessary. Unnecessary!

And now he is going to consort with Hamas in Syria. Why not? It is right in line with everything Jimmy Carter has done in international affairs. This meeting will probably give Hamas more prestige, and just quicken them in their efforts to do more violence.

While Jimmy Carter is the closest thing to a Founding Father of global terrorism, he did win the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002. But don’t let that sway any negative opinions you have of the man, since it only gives him more in common with Yasser Arafat, Gorbachev, and Algore–prize winners all.

Jimmy Carter uses talk as the solution to all international problems. Talk is cheap, but the result of talk, where action needs to be taken, can be the most costly of all possible actions. In some cases, talk is nothing–it is really inaction.

When the decision-makers in the United States fail to take action, when they could have, to protect American lives from terrorists, they turn the government of the United States into a terrorist organization.

Jimmy Carter’s inaction as President was a dishonor to those that came before him and a danger to those who came after him.

He had his say in his day, but that day is done. Nations fell, and hundreds of thousands have died, and maybe millions more will because of what came out of his mouth. America voted his incompetent ideas out of office back in 1980. He does not speak for America today.

It just makes sense.

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