Let’s Be Mindful of Georgia

Russia’s brutal invasion of Georgia is seen by some as a cry for respect–like a shout in the darkness, ”The Bear is not dead, it was merely hibernating.” But now that the dastardly deed is in progress, how the world deals with Russia will set the tone for future imperialist schemes.

Georgia is a small nation–about the size and population of South Carolina–in the Caucasus region of Asia. It became independent during the breakup of the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) following the Cold War. Since then, Russia has supported two break-away regions within Georgia: Abkhazia on the coast of the Black Sea and Ossetia in the middle of its northern border with Russia.

On August 7, the fighting started in Ossetia. Well, at least the shooting and killing started then. Georgia had been under an intense cybernetic attack since July. While its difficult to prove, much of the attack appears to have come from Russia. It was the cyber-equivalent of a blockade of Georgia. No cyber-business or commerce in or out of the cyber-ports–the government was cyber-crippled. Then kinetic shots were fired, a few people died, and Georgia reacted.

Their reaction against the Ossetia separatist forces was the “moral high ground” Russia needed to launch their invasion of Georgia. They just happened to have hundreds of tanks and thousands of soldiers ready to roll. Probably just a coincidence.

The Georgian forces were chased out of Ossetia but the Russians kept coming across into the rest of Georgia. They quickly took control of the air and their invading army was free-to-attack and free-from-attack by the diminutive Georgian air force. The United States has officially denounced the invasion, telling Russia to return to their August 6 positions.

Russia has sent various mixed messages. They said they would stop, but they didn’t. They said they had stopped, but they hadn’t. They said it was just like 9-11, but it wasn’t. They say they’re merely defending the independence of “Southern” Ossetia. Defending as they leveled buildings across Georgia, bombed airports and pipelines. They call their forces “peacekeepers”. They’re acting a bit like the old USSR did, invading any of their occupied nations when resistance stood-up. Hungary in 1956. Chechoslovokia in 1968. But our Secretary of State reminded the world today that things had changed.

“This is not 1968 and the invasion of Czechoslovakia, where Russia can threaten a neighbor, occupy a capital, overthrow a government and get away with it.”

Wow! Smart, beautiful, and tough.

But the toughest stuff is yet to happen. If the world is not shown that those words she spoke are true, millions of people could suffer. If Russia can invade and gobble up Georgia, why not the Ukraine? If Russia can have Georgia and Ukraine, why can’t China invade and conquer Taiwan? Once Taiwan goes, the United States will no longer be creditable as a superpower. Our allies would never take a chance on siding with us, because we will be seen as hollow and worthless.

Now, there’s a change we don’t want.

So what do we do? We need solutions not just criticism.

First of all, every member of NATO needs to publicly denounce Russia’s action. They need to make similar statements as our President and Secretary of State have. In an election year everyone seems to have some words to say but this challenge will either be fixed or broken–maybe beyond repair before January 2009. The official opinions of the NATO members need to be congruent with the official opinion of the United States.

That opinion must include, “[We] stand with the democratically elected government of Georgia. We insist that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia be respected.”

If the members of NATO can’t do that one simple thing–and do it quickly–then NATO has outlived any usefulness. NATO would need to either expel the dead weight or the United States would need to resign. I think NATO can belly-up-to-the-bar on this in the next day or at the most two.

That might be all it takes. But maybe not. What if Russia calls the bluff? What then?

Well first of all, it’s not a bluff. NATO would need to declare a no-fly zone over the entire country of Georgia. The Russian ground force would no longer be protected by an airpower umbrella. They would be subject to attack. Georgian forces defending their towns would have the freedom to maneuver for positional advantage. The Russian response would determine what would happen next. Columns of T-80s are no match for what could come their way. And if Russia pushed NATO in the air, there would be a new generation of Aces to put on playing cards for years to come.

NATO would only have to press as hard as was required, remembering the objective would be to stop Russian aggression–not kill them all. Ironically, we would be teaching the Russians how to respond with appropriate force. Some lessons are tougher than others.

But could this lead to a nuclear war? Would the Russians respond with nuclear weapons, forcing NATO nations to depopulate the Russian homeland? It could. But it won’t.

Vladimir Putin’s job pays a lot better than most. He’s the richest man in Europe, maybe the world. He’s also the Russian decision-maker. And he cares about himself–doesn’t smoke or drink to excess–has two well-educated daughters, has a lovely wife, and a little poodle named Tosca. Life is good for him. He doesn’t want a big war between Russia and NATO anymore than America does. But he does want more.

We just have to convince him that less is more. The less Russia invades its neighbors the more airplanes Russia will have.

What about the people of Southern Ossetia? Russia is just helping those people to have their liberty and independence, right? Okay, lets solve that problem too.

The people of Southern Ossetia are said to have a culture tied to the people of Northern Ossetia (a province in Russia). What do you say we have Georgia and Russia let all the Ossetia people have their liberty. The two regions could be united and allowed to be a sovereign, independent country. Maybe after a while they too, would like to join NATO.

It just makes sense.

No peace, no peace I find
Just this old, sweet song
Keeps Georgia on my mind

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed this book so much that I was sad to finish it. I do hope this author writes more on this subject. I would definitely purchase more from same author! So many interesting characters were introduced that could be expanded into books of their own. The relationship between Susah and the dragons needs development although I understand that only so much can be expressed in a first book. This author has a fan and I will spread the word of how good this book is to all other like minded readers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    No genre, as yet, contains the facts of non-fiction, the delight of fantasy, the inspiration of the Bible, and on…as this one does.
    It is a first in its own class and field.
    The ark is being built, surrounded by superhighways. Metal is known and used. Brother fights with brother. Susah feels animals thoughts…wolves, tigers, a leviathan, rats, all animals. Ogres and Hogres exist, some work as slaves. And mammoths range with behemoths.
    Yet Lilith is the main evil character, and such a character I have never read before now. I felt her evil from such wording as the author gave to her description. Lilith lives in the pages of this book. She speaks to her master.

    I applaud this author for creating a new genre. One which inevitably will be copied, but never again “The Dragoneer”.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have been a fan of the fantasy literature genre ever since I was a child. I have eagerly read and enjoyed many books such as the the Harry Potter series, the Lord of the Rings, the Inheritance Trilogy, the Dragonriders of Pern, and the Chronicles of Narnia. I was therefore excited by the idea of this book.

    However, Book One of the Chronicles of Susah is different from all of these other series I mentioned – this particular book is set in historical places, coincides with ancient events, and is peopled with some familiar (and some not-so-familiar) characters. The idea of a time-forgotten, strong feminine-character from thousands of years ago is enchanting! I found myself saying, “Aha!” as the story unfolded and I saw this spitfire of a character filling in the spaces between the concise Biblical accounts of these events.

    I also very much enjoyed the mental picture developed by the story of what the world might have looked like before the catastrophic flood as told in Genesis. The speculation of an ice shield is something I’ve never encountered in my readings before. The way that this younger, less-tainted Earth was described is fascinating to me.

    The idea of people from early Biblical times having advanced technology is also something I’ve not read before. Alternative power sources, advanced weaponry, and the ability to see and hear things that are invisible to most other people make the story of a catastrophic, world-wide flood even more devastating! To think if technology like that had existed before the flood, it has taken civilization over 4000 years to even come close to “reinventing the wheel”, so to speak.

    I have very much enjoyed this book. It has a quick pace, and excellent descriptive imagery. I found the violence and demonic activity to be intense but believable. The description of society fouled by a tangible demonic presence was disturbing, but it also makes you pull for the heroine and the humans all the more.

    I am looking forward to getting to read subsequent books in this series. I hope you will read and enjoy this work of fiction as much as I did.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Mr C D Sutherland. What a great read. I’ve bought this book and couldn’t “put it down”. CD is an excellent story teller and has a good writing style. Additionally, his book is well edited and well published. The grammar is outstanding. He earns a five star grading due to the countless hours he spent caring for his book, combining his arts and science talents.

    He takes you into a fantasy world we all need to go to from time to time, in order to escape from reality for a while. He grips you with his excellent plot leading to very surprising events. CD, being a former B52 pilot, knows what he’s talking about and draws heavily from his 32 years experience in the Air Force, from air force procedures and training to actual warfare.

    What I also like from his book is that it’s something to read for the whole family, any age group. It seems that he classifies it as Religious Fantasy. I would rather classify it as “Science Fantasy”, although it has a spiritual side, thereby maybe broadening his market. Fact is, it’s a great read for anyone.

    Well done CD, all in all a good work of fiction, whatever the classification.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What an imagination C. D. Sutherland has! Revisiting the world of Earth before the Biblical Great Flood, he populates it with fallen angels, giants, ogres, dinosaurs and dragons, as well as two main tribes of humans: the descendants of Seth and those of Cain, the sons of Adam. Ancient and ultra-modern technologies exist side-by side. Chariots share roads with powered transporters; food synthesizers supplement agriculture; a form of television exists.

    The story’s young heroine, Susah, is a daughter of Noah. Like her father, she possesses the ability to telepathically communicate with both humans and other animals. After being attacked by a gang of ogre thugs, Susah is rescued by an army officer and his two-headed dragon. He flies her home in a glider towed by dragons, and she is inspired to join the Dragoneers, the elite air force that guards the Garden of Eden. When Noah, obsessed with building his ark, disapproves, she runs away and enlists. Her telepathic powers give her an advantage over her fellow recruits.

    While Susah excels in training, Lilith, a powerful ogre and organized crime empress, plots with politicians and renegade army officers to defeat the Dragoneers and seize the Garden of Eden and its secret powers. She views Noah as an enemy, making Susah a target as well. Lilith’s military minions pose a continuing threat.

    The plot races to a climactic battle between a valorous band of Dragoneers and an army of ogres.

    Sutherland’s flowing writing style draws the reader into the narrative and creates anticipation of what new wonders await in the pages ahead. This book is suitable for young adults as well as older readers. I recommend it to all lovers of action/adventure and fantasy. Well done, C.D. Sutherland.

  6. The Dragoneers, what an awesome book, blended with fact, fiction, imagination, and wonderful dragons. If I had to compare this book with any other….I would say “along the lines of Narnia”.

    The ultimate battle of good and evil. The young woman Susah has strengths and powers she doesn’t realize as of yet, she has a hint in that she can hear the thoughts and feelings of others. Others are pulled into the lairs of Lilith, evil at its worse, but Susah has the discernment to sense evil. After seeing part of her family destroyed and as she tried to save her cousins, she meets her destiny by being saved by a special force. It’s when Susah’s destiny combines with the dragoneers, that she learns to fight the good fight in a world of dragons and epic forces of good and evil.

    This book by Charles Sutherland leaves you wanting more….and more is yet to come… .

  7. Anonymous says:

    This book really grabs you from the start. The setting is biblical pre flood. Mr Sutherland takes you on an unforgettable journey through a fantastic land filled with dragons, giants and Noah’s family. There is good and definitely evil. The rough characters are so vividly described that you will be amazed that there is no foul language. The battle sequences are incredible with air to ground combat highlighting military tactical and strategic attention to detail. The only thing I found disappointing was the last page. I was not ready for the story to be over.

  8. I was a little worried when first reading this book as it’s based around biblical characters, however, they take only a small role.

    This is perfect for people who like fantasy books in general. I previously read the Inheritance Cycle and Harry Potter. This is as good as them and I really can’t wait for the next book. I bought this at the end of Christmas Day and finished it around 1 o’clock in the morning of the 27th. I just couldn’t put it down!!

    ~ Amazon Customer Review

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