The Impending War With Syria

Jesus said, “And you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars, but don’t be worry because these things will but come, but the end is not yet.” (Matthew 24:6)

Clausewitz said, “War is just a continuation of politics by violent means.”

War is the consequence of failed deterrence. The United States failed to deter the Syrian regime from using weapons of mass destruction on their citizenry, thus the United States is about to wage war on Syria. The question yet to answered is, will the war on Syria end in success or not?

To achieve success any violence must be in accord with US law and be appropriate to the unacceptable behavior of the antagonist. If the action is not in accord with US law, the political consequences could result in impeachment or at the least a continued degradation of the United States deterrence ability. If the force is inappropriate, the result could range from increased unacceptable behavior from the antagonist or international condemnation of the United States for excessive death and destruction.

Even with our shrinking military, the tactical capacity of the United States is tremendous. No nation desires an attack from us. Our decision makers are responsible for predetermining the objectives before tasking our warriors to execute the campaign.

There are many possible objectives, but success of any campaign is measured by the establishment of a better state of peace when all is done.

Unless the regime is changed, an appropriate force should leave the antagonist without the means to repeat their former sin. Anything less suggests either malpractice or a crime on the part of our decision makers.

The management of violence is brain surgery. Elections have consequences.

It just makes sense.

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